Ma'acho ................................... Hawaii's Roots Reggae Entertainer

Ma'acho, called "The Godfather of Reggae" in Hawai'i, is considered by many to be one of the most influential personalities in the Hawai'i Reggae Community. Ma'acho (meaning "eyes  in the language of Swahili) was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Mongoose Town. Maacho lived in England during his teen years, "toasting" for Danny King Hi Fi Sound System. He graduated from the prestigeous school, Stockwell Manor, while simultaneously developing his left-handed guitar style. then to Connecticut and Bronx New York where he joined up with the Sylvester Inc. Roots Band.

Moving to Hawai'i in 1975 Ma'acho has pioneered the Hawai'i scene with his roots rock reggae sound, his deeply spiritual and inspirational lyrics, and his unique, highly charged and inspiring stage presence. Previous bands include: The Cool Runnings Band/ The Movers/ and currently Cool Connection.

Opened for Toots and The Maytals/ Jimmy Clif/ Inner Circle/ Alpha Blondy/ Ziggy/Damian/Jr. Gong Marley/ Azwad/ Mikey Dread/ Shinehead/ Marcia Griffits/ Eek a Mouse/ Bunny Wailer/ Luciano/ Dean Fraizer/ Mikey General.

Maacho also appeared at Reggae on the River, 2001, backed by the Fully Fullwood Band.

His concert performances truely put him in a category of "Pure Entertainer".
Maacho Exercise 2

Song List

1. A Thousand Cranes
2. Reggae Jam Down
3. Under the big top
4. Ki Ho 'Alu Ray
5. Check Dis
6. Do You Wanna Know
7. Valley Breeze
8. Illusion Time
9. Time Of Day
10. Time to Make a Change
11. I Spy
12. Long Long Time
13. Koolau's Last Stand
14. Jah Guide


Listen to

 "Reggae Jam Down"



1.Blood Demon

2.Too Deep

3.Hard Ears

4.Pure Pleasure

5.No Wrong Rydim

6.Jah Guide


8.Bougeois Girl

                        9.Illusion Time

                        10.I Spy

                        11.Badeb/Just Like You

                        12.Hold On

                        13.Thou Art Say


                        15.Time Of Day

"Me got the chronic lyric with crucial rydim

Me tell off hypocrites. Beat down parasite with it

If yeu no like wea me a say then ga long and gua wea

So me can sit down in peace and draw me sense."

               "For da love of you children

               I Jah live forever and ever sure

               I may not be around

               cause elsewhere is a storm

               so the sun I shine

              To keep you warm,

              stars at nights are roads you travel

              De moon as your guiding light

              strangers for you to detect... ya"

"Dis ya rockers roots lyrics stan up firm pon rydim

It just come out right an me no fe shout

Like a lion in de jungle just a cruise in upon a prey

Distance right silence den roar and good-day"


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